24 x 7 Professional NOC
We manage and monitor our servers 24/7, so you can rest assured your data is safe and secure. And when you need us, we're always here to help.
server management

24/7 Monitoring

Our engineering teams and technical support teams continuously monitor all of our networks around the clock. They monitor and conduct a 'trend analysis' where data is collected and analyzed, and calculated patterns of activity (or non-activity) determine the process to offer best-option performance, reliability, and delivery for all services.

As standard, all networks have connectivity monitor alerts, and as an option to customers on our network, we also provide monitoring details and graphs for more details analysis of services including server processor usage, memory usage, storage allocation and other detailed monitors and alerts.

Server Management

All RackCorp dedicated servers come with the option to include O/S Server Management. This is especially useful if you require the maintenance and repairs or restorations to be conducted by RackCorp technical support staff where you do not have the time or the resources to manage the dedicated server yourself.

There are a number of key benefits to selecting the O/S Server Management option when you sign up for RackCorp dedicated servers. The underlying actions from the RackCorp technical support staff when conducting O/S Server Management include:

Fast Response Times

Our support teams are proud to state that the response times in relation to emergency network issues have been phenomenal! Network connectivity issues are alerted to instantly and our teams are always immediately available to investigate, repair, or fail-over. All of our premium data center locations have multiple redundant network connections, and our network hardware such as our switches and firewalls all have redundant fail-over options.

Potential server hardware / equipment failures are investigated promptly by technicians onsite, and we stock spare parts & equipment for all of our standard server hardware and network equipment onsite at the data center. This helps us to achieve the speed and effectiveness of hardware repairs / replacements so that you experience minimal downtime (if any).

Our fast response times are testament to our extremely high uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) Guarantee. Our clients are our priority, and our networks, our engineers, our techincans, and our support staff are always available to ensure you receive the maximum available level of performance and satisfaction.

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