DDoS Protection
When you need to protect yourself and your customers from distributed denial of service attacks, we're always here to help.
Our proprietary DDoS protection solution is a multilayered solution that is able to deal with a variety of attacks.

DDoS Protection (Service Protection)

Many telcos have giant, antiquated global networks that just aren't capable of handling the requirements of traffic filtering, and at the end of the day it's just not in their business model to do so. Hosted service providers on the other hand typically have regional networks, are highly adaptive to network traffic, and have a very strong business case for keeping their customers online.

RackCorp has combined the best of both worlds, by building and integrating network services with some of the biggest regional and global network players. By announcing our network at several key global points of presence (POPs), we're able to filter traffic at extremely fast rates before it gets anywhere near the targeted service. We've been fending off DDoS attacks for many years for our customers and receive nothing but praise from customers who come from our competitors who simply did not supply such a service, or overstated what they could do in the hope that it would simply never happen.

Our firewalls and inspection points are global, and controlled via our central API services. When you release a firewall policy, it is deployed within seconds to ALL of our firewalls globally, which helps keep your services online. We don't offer DDoS protection as standard with our services, so please talk to one of our sales team, or choose an appropriate option signing up to one of our services.

How RackCorp handles DDoS attacks

- RackCorp will deliver all traffic up to your chosen server bandwidth speed
- RackCorp will attempt to deliver all traffic up to 1.2 times your chosen bandwidth speed
If traffic being sent to your server exceeds 1.2 times your bandwidth, it will be deemed a DDoS attack and the following will occur:
- If you have NOT added DDoS protection, RackCorp will drop ALL traffic to your server for a period of 10 minutes before checking if the attack has stopped.
- If you have added DDoS protection, RackCorp will selectively filter out DDoS attack traffic using our proprietary software. If the attack traffic exceeds your selected bandwidth protection, then RackCorp will drop ALL traffic to your server for a period of 10 minutes before checking if the attack has stopped.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and our pricing structure.

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