RackCorp offers, maintains, and continually monitors several hosting services. If you are experiencing any difficulties with setting up any of your services with RackCorp, chances are the information in this area will help you to resolve your problem.

The left side menu details the categories of our 'Frequently Asked Questions'. Click on a category to get a series of the most common questions from customers. If you have a problem that you can't find the answer to in our FAQ's area, please contact us and one one of staff members will help you.

We offer email accounts as standard with all of our web hosting packages. If you need more email accounts than are allocated with the particular plan that you have chosen, you may order additional emails at any time by creating a 'ticket' in your admin area of RackCorp.

Email Redirections are also included in all plans, and can help to manage incoming emails to different email addresses. For example, you may want to set up an email redirection and have any emails that are sent to this address to be redirected to all the sales team email accounts at RackCorp. Creating email redirections are especially useful as new staff may come on and old staff leave from time to time. All you need to do is go into your admin area of RackCorp and in the 'Email Redirections' section, add or remove the email addresses to which email redirections are pointing to.

Domains / DNS
You can register a domain name with RackCorp, and park it with us for FREE until you are ready to set up a website or email & other services. Choosing a domain name for your business for the first time is very important. You should consider a number of things including trying to get the domain name to match your business name - this helps people remember what to type when they are looking to browse to your website. The domain name you choose should be easy to remember, as short as possible, and easy to spell. You don't want people making a typing error when entering in your domain URL.

RackCorp maintains a number of geographically diverse domain name servers for customer use. While some people may think that using resources through the Internet (for example, downloading content from a website) is the same no matter what location the the resource is coming from, geography DOES play a part in the speed, quality, and assurance of content delivery. To find out more about our GEO-DNS services, please contact us.

Until now, setting up a website may have been a difficult task for some, where the thought of having to configure all of the settings and manage all of the files was enough to deter one from doing it. RackCorp's easy-to-use admin allows users to manage their website files in simple steps, and update all the necessary configurations. If users get stuck, they can send a "support ticket" to our technical staff at any time and get the help they need.

Dedicated Servers / Colocation
RackCorp has a number of server options for clients who need a dedicated server for their hosting needs. The in-house dedicated servers range from Pentium 4 machines to the latest Intel monsters with gigs of RAM and SAS hard drives. Depending on the datacenter that you wish to host your services in, we may also offer a colocation service where you may bring in your own equipment to be hosted in our racks in a professional, air-conditioned, controlled, and secure environment.

With RackCorp's GEO-Hosting structure, you may also leverage from the GEO-Hosting service through our dedicated servers in multiple datacenters.

RackCorp has some of the fastest critical support in the industry and is why our customers love us. You will not be left alone during critical incidents, with our tech staff working around the clock to look after you and your systems. We process tickets around the clock and do not have "open hours" like some hosted services companies. The Internet operates 24x7 and so do we. Just check out our response times for this month and you'll see the difference.

Accounts / Payment
Paying for your services with RackCorp is fast and easy. Your invoice when issued will have a payment button which you can click upon to facilitate payment. We support credit card, international money transfer, and Paypal. If you have entered your credit card details into our system, then we'll automatically deduct the chosen account for you on the due date.

Alternatively, once logged in to your admin area, you can pay your invoice by selecting "Pay Invoice" from the "Administration" menu in the main menu bar. Users can manage their account details here also, and can view all invoices including paid and archived ones.

The RackCorp Hosting System has been specifically developed to cater for the needs of resellers. Resellers have a tremendous ability to run their own hosting company through our system. All features and services are transparent to the customer, and all services offered to RackCorp's customers can also be offered to RackCorp's reseller's customers.

Click on the "Resellers" link in the left menu of the FAQ's page for more information on reseller services, and how to manage your own customers.