Глобал Зам

RackCorp-той байснаар илүү хурдтай програмууд Глобал хувийн сүлжээ.

Зөөврийн Глобал Замууд
RackCorp-ийн үйлчлүүлэгч болох хамгийн том давуу талуудын нэг бол бидний глобал хувийн сүлжээ юм. We run a massive mesh of all of our points of presence, delivering the BEST network performance available with massive routing redundancy. Even in times of significant Internet backbone problems, if our systems can possibly traverse a packet, it will!

As an example, consider some data leaving a domestic ISP in Singapore, with intended destination to one of your services hosted in Australia. A normal service provider in Australia simply tells their Australia domestic ISP where they are, and leaves the decision making of how the world sends traffic to them up to that Australian domestic ISP - usually the CHEAPEST (and possibly slowest) possible way! With RackCorp's global routing, we turn things around a bit by announcing our network locally in Singapore. This means that the data leaving that ISP in Singapore generally enters our controlled network in Singapore within a few milliseconds. From there, we choose the BEST performance to get that piece of data into Australia, and to your services.

Our global mesh re-analyses, and re-maps our global network every 15 seconds to determine the fastest possible way to get from point A to point B. Not only does this give you a massive performance boost, it also means large global outages are transparently, and quickly worked around, leaving your services online faster, and more often.