RackCorp may request personal, accounting, or other details from any clients and prospective clients from time to time for various reasons including creating accounts, and forwarding correspondence. Any information collected from clients and prospective clients by RackCorp is for the sole use of RackCorp and RackCorp companies, and will be used for the purpose of billing and account transactions, new product developments, and for providing clients and potential clients with new products and services offers. All client information collected will be treated under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) which sets out acceptable methods of collection, use, storage, and disclosure of our client information.


RackCorp will take reasonable steps to ensure that any information collected by RackCorp about clients and prospective clients is stored in a safe and secure manner, and availability and access to this information will be to those within RackCorp who require access to this information for the sole purposes of those outlined above.


RackCorp does not access data stored on a client's services except under the following reasons:

  • servicing the outcomes expected of the agreed service
  • improving services delivered specifically to the corresponding client
  • servicing client requests where access is noted or otherwise can be expectied to have been assumed
  • actions otherwise noted under DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION (See Below).

RackCorp will use best efforts to fully delete data upon client termination with the exception of backups which will be overwritten/destroyed naturally over the course of the backup process retention timeframes. Clients may specifically request immediate service data deletion which may incur an agreed fee.


We may disclose a client's information and associated hosted service data:

  • to authorised persons / entities when advised by the client to do so.
  • to law enforcement, national security agencies, government, and regulatory bodies as required or authorised by Australian Law, New South Wales Law, or the jurisdiction corresponding to where the data is stored.
  • to facilitate or implement a transfer or sale of all or part of the RackCorp business or assets with 60 days notice.

We may additionally disclose a client's information:

  • to third parties for the purposes of marketing, risk assessment, business development and funding specifically for the RackCorp and directly related entities.