Dedicated Cloud

Dedicated Cloud

Run multiple virtual servers on your own custom phyical dedicated servers


Run your own Cloud Server hosting environment using RackCorp's cloud orchestration platform.

Clients can run dedicated servers from RackCorp (or BYO on-site or remote datacenters) to act as their own VM Host servers where virtual machines can be created and managed. This means that you can control the shared resources of the physical server and assign (and modify) the resources for each virtual server created as the needs of the servers change.

In this environment, security compliance is made simpler where there is no sharing of resources by another entity, and for customers with many virtual servers, this can give some considerable cost savings.

Also included is the ability to give your own clients access to sub-partitions of space allocations on this server so they too can run their own virtual servers in a seamless manner. RackCorp also takes care of and manages the orchestration platform and security requirements to still give you an IaaS model with the extra benefits of isolation.