DNS Hosting

Globally anycasted GEO-DNS capable services providing high-availability and extremely fast DNS Hosting.

Globally Anycasted (Fast Responses)

We have strategically located our DNS servers in key global network HUBs and regional areas. This ensures maximum connectivity during regional issues such as natural disasters, as well as providing best case scenarios for DNS lookup times. There is no reason that your clients in the US need wait for DNS lookups to travel to Asia and back again. Using RackCorp's global DNS hosting means that your DNS requests are answered from a location very close to your clients - no matter where they are located in the world.

DDoS Protection (Service Protection)

RackCorp's network was built with service protection in mind. All network points are protected with in-house sophisticated anti-DDoS automated tools that can identify and weed out attacks. Our DNS servers are specially designed to sit on top of this state-of-the-art network and use global request topology information to even better render attacks useless. Also keeping in mind our massive global network ingres point, few providers are capable of meeting the capabilities of our DNS hosting services.


Easy Management Interface

Just log in to our portal, choose your domain to manage, and edit your DNS records.

Just log in to our portal, choose your domain to manage, choose from our global map of zones, then edit your DNS records for that zone.

We've made the interface very easy to use so the process is quick and simple for users.

API - SOAP-Based Authenticated Interface

Simple SOAP andd REST API Interfaces means you can programmatically update your DNS records via your code. Sample code is available upon request.

Fast Update Deployment

Updates are deployed to all of our DNS servers globally within 1 minute.

Reliable (99.99% Guarantee)

Since operation start in 2001, we have NEVER seen an outage to our DNS services that has affected DNS resolution - not even for a second. In fact, we guarantee them to 99.99% or your money back.

Cheap!!! FREE DNS Hosting Tier!

Up to 4 million queries per month - FREE (low-medium traffic sites)
Up to 20 million queries per month - $22/mth (medium traffic sites)
Up to 200 million queries per month - $220/mth (medium-high traffic sites)
Up to 2 billion queries per month - $990/mth (high traffic sites)
We service massive volumes of DNS queries so you can enjoy our DNS services for very cheap!!