Web Hosting

Rock Solid Web Hosting

RackCorp's proven scalable webhosting environment. Scale up with any of our webhosting products from a small website right up to a dedicated webserver or cluster of webservers.

RackCorp's webhosting environment is scalable platform that allows configuration of many webservers from our portal. By doing this, websites can be hosted across many servers and databases, all managed from our online portal.

RackCorp webhosting comes with many out of the box features found in other common platforms, but with the capability for immediate scaling and deployments.

PHP Enabled

PHP versions 5.6 and 7.0 are both available. Image Magick and other standard packages included.

NGINX or Apache

Both Apache and Nginx are offered as options. Choose Apache for maximum compatibility, or nginx for that little bit of extra speed.


Start out on our smallest plan, and simply upgrade it on the fly for almost immediate scaling for your site's capacity.