Our Network
The most advanced & robust network available today is here.

The RackCorp Global Network

For a hosted services company, RackCorp operates one of the most diverse networks around. We have a presence in over 9 countries, and 21 datacenters, each with various capabilities to service our network, dedicated server, virtual server, and cloud services. If you notice online that we aren't offering a specific service in one of our datacenter locations and you are really needing services there, talk to one of our sales team and find out if we can help you. We often run private clouds / services for customers that we might not publicly offer.

RackCorp attempts to provide aggregated service / network pricing, globally wherever possible. This simplifies our customer's end-user pricing structure and allows you to build on top of a global infrastructure where location just doesn't matter to your pricing schemes. Simply start your online business in one country, and deploy globally with us as you expand and on-board new customers.

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