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Since 2003, Network Synergy Corporation Pty Ltd (ABN 88104484906) has built up a significant global infrastructure presence, with rackspace and services in 22 datacentres throughout 10 countries. As the parent company of the group, NSCorp is the infrastructure services provider, providing the physical datacenter floor space, and network infrastructure / team to the other businesses.


When it comes to branding, RackCorp is well known in the financial services sector as a provider of robust, secure, and cost effective global service solutions. In addition, SaaS service providers put their trust into RackCorp with their global infrastructure on a daily basis, and it turns out with good reason. With millions of dollars on the line hourly, RackCorp's expert service teams are the ones you want at the helm. Our NOC operates 24x7, not just answering customer support enquiries, but visually checking our NOC displays for any signs of problems amongst customer equipment or services. It doesn't matter the time of the day, we're monitoring SaaS response times, database disk I/O, backups, intrusion detection systems, global routing tables, you name it - if there's even a hint of a performance problem, our guys are on to it re-routing traffic, swapping out under performing drives, investigating logs, or just simply improving system performance.


Simply, the FASTEST Content Delivery Network around. With extensive infrastructure in key global datacenter hubs, we are able to peer with most domestic and regional peering exchanges allowing us to deliver your domestic traffic faster, cheaper, and more reliably. As a completely rebrandable network, CacheCentric has become a popular wholesale provider of CDN services, and powers the image and video content of several of the world's top Internet websites.

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