Web Hosting

The right Web Hosting for your business!

With locations around the world, you can put your virtual server virtually anywhere. You choose the locations best suited to your team and your clients.

RackCorp's virtual server environment is built on high performance host servers with high reliability features including RAID10 SSD drives, redundant power supply units, redundant network ports into redundant network switches, and high performance ECC memory. In addition, all virtual servers on RackCorp's network are automatically backed up each month as a complimentary service provided by RackCorp.

Web Hosting can be ordered directly from the RackCorp portal by selecting the resources required during the ordering process. Clients can choose the datacenter location, number of cores, amount of RAM, storage space required, traffic needed, network port speed, IP addresses, Operating System, and support options.


Clients can also select to load an operating system from the presets available, including Linux distributions such as various CentOS versions and Debian & Ubuntu versions, and also Windows Operating Systems including Windows Server 2012 & 2016. There is also an option for clients to BYO their own OS and they can mount ISOs through the RackCorp portal. Application software such as Microsoft SQL Server can also be installed through the portal, and BYO application software able to be mounted and installed on the virtual server.

For those clients who require their virtual servers to have security features enabled, RackCorp provides clients with the ability to add these features to each virtual server they create. These features include Managed EndPoint Security (Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware), managed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), managed HIDS/FIM (Host-based Intrusion Detection / File Integrity Mionitoring), managed NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection Systems), and various other security features including AES encryption of data and managed DDoS Protection.

Global Network Benefits

With the ability to select from multiple locations, and capacity to replicate & backup servers from one location to another, virtual servers on the RackCorp network benefit through higher availability from greater redundancy. This means more accessibility to your data all the time, including when certain environments are unavailable for any reason.

VM's with RackCorp

Instant provisioning of virtual machines at any time! Using RackCorp's orchestration platform, clients can create virtual servers easily and immediately. In true cloud fashion, clients can choose to increase or decrease resources as required, create managed rolling backup schedules, clone virtual servers, and build a managed fail-over virtual server network.

Higher Performance

RackCorp's VM Host Servers that run client virtual servers are built with high performance components designed for delivering maximum performance to virtual servers. With our proprietary orchestration platform, RackCorp ensures guaranteed performance levels for all customer virtual servers which are far beyond typical experiences with other providers.