DDoS Protection

RackCorp's DDoS Protection System

RackCorp has a huge global DDoS filtering capacity. We protect against small and large attacks every single day.

RackCorp Mitigation Details

RackCorp Mitigation Benefits

RackCorp has been defending complex DDoS attacks since 2006 and has developed a significant in-house knowledge and skill-base.

Global Network with 23 Global POPs with significant IaaS, RackCorp focuses on SLA-driven quality.

Our cloud protection service reduces implementation time to hours and changes customer-implementation to just a DNS change.

Connectivity Options

Cloud Proxies
Simplest option for HTTP/HTTPS-only traffic. Use your existing IP Networks with our proxies in front.

Cloud Conect
Equinix Cloud Exchange, MegaPort, IX Australia and other participating connectivity partners.

DC Connect
Cross connect into our network if in the same data centre

Direct Connect
MPLS or Point-to-Point Private Connectivity

Proactive / Reactive

RackCorp will always filter your traffic 100% of the time.

Filtering of only some of your traffic (e.g. international only. Domestic traffic goes unfiltered to your service as usual).

Switch your traffic path to use RackCorp's network only during an attack. This is a manual process that takes about 1 minute after started.

Cloud Proxy Protection

IP Transit Protection

Benefits of DDoS Protection