RackCorp are specialists in application redundancy and failover. Our platform and services are all built specifically for high-availability environments

RackCorp provides an environment for client infrastructure that enables clients to set a primary datacenter and a secondary datacenter for particular services, and set synchronisation between both. In the event of non-connectivity or non-accessibility to the primary datacenter, services can be re-routed through the secondary datacenter where data has been synchronised to infrastructure there. This mitigates potential excessive downtime to investigate and repair services, and allows users to continue to access the data from the secondary site so there is no noticable interruption.

RackCorp services are already built in an environment of enterprise-grade hardware, and solid virtualisation services. We do still understand that from time to time, hardware fails, procedures fail, datacenters fail. Our mission has always been providing inter-datacenter redundancy solutions specifically focussed on providing building blocks for customers to build their applications, or host legacy applications through our long-tested failover capabilities

Contact us to discuss how we can provide the building blocks and help you keep your application online.