Monitored Network Security

A round-the-clock NOC with professional security staff

RackCorp's focus is on high-security customers, and accordingly, our NOC and security response teams are highly capable security experts. Be assured that during business hours, or after-hours, network security events are investigated and handled by people who know what they are doing.

Industry leading response times

Clients that select our critical response option will enjoy an average ticket response time of one and half minutes. RackCorps NOC is tasked with ensuring our clients enjoy the highest performance, reliability and security available anywhere in the world. Our network visibility lets us look for anomalies in outbound connections from services, known attacks and exploits, and suspicious traffic profiles.

Maximum Service Visibility

RackCorp's monitored SIEM can very quickly allow our NOC to determine incident risk levels and quickly cut off hackers in real time. Hackers often attack servers and networks months in advance of data ex-filtration or damage. RackCorp has always been big promoters of having visibility over services which almost always makes hacker activity very obvious.