Availability for fibre, ethernet, colo, dedicated server and virtual server customers

Regardless of if you require racks and racks of colocated equipment, or a single virtual server, RackCorp understands that some customers simply need full BGP connectivity. So we provide it - across all of our services

IP Transit to the best providers and peers

We have done all of the hard work for you in selecting the most reliable peers and transit networks globally. Our network is built as a premium service and it monitored by our 24x7 NOC which is expertly staffed with the capability to optimise and route around problems that may arise in global carriers from time to time

Global Communities

Connect a BGP session to us and all of our communities globally are available to you allowing for specific selection of peers and transit providers where available and any features available with those networks

DDoS /32 BGP Blackholing

RackCorp's network supports the 56038:666 blackhole bgp community to drop all traffic to a selected /32 IP advertisement. Where an upstream or peering network does not support it, RackCorp's network will drop the traffic. This gives you the ability to remove traffic for specific IP addresses that may be attacked. Also consider our DDoS protection services which can filter and absorb up to 600Gbit/s of attacks in several regions of the world without legitimate network degradation

Multiple BGP Interconnection points

With our many Global PoPs, RackCorp's network allows you to advertise your network globally for anycast services. We also provide many BGP communities for use to be able to seamlessly integrate RackCorp with your existing providers globally.

Supported BGP Communities