Around the clock Technical Support for all of our services
We pride ourselves on our technical support service and response times, something that larger public cloud providers may find difficult to provide.
Weather it is setting up an e-mail account on a device through to packet dumps for traffic analysis or forensic analysis of a back doored site we can provide these services via face-to-face technical support via portal ticket, email or phone.
Our team is more than happy to suggest the most suitable solution for the customer’ss needs and or customise our services to give the customer a starting point reducing any migration difficulties.
Technical support requests placed by ticket are able to leverage the full capability our decentralised virtual Network Operations Centre (NOC), which gives our Sydney support team based 24x7 full visibility into the second by second operation of our network, servers and services.
The typical perception of a NOC over the past twenty years is a physical monitoring hub/site that may provide visibility on network and server status, is something up and down or maybe some aggregate traffic statistics.
Every function on the RackCorp network and software module is metered and should their parameters be tripped, support staff are notified in a number of ways. Group wide internal dashboards, alert feeds, email, SMS; customer-facing notifications each with a unique event ID and in some cases, these events are self-healing based on defined actions or AI.
Should a customer’s Virtual server not start correctly, a website’s software crashes/overloads its PHP instance or an upstream network link provider’s quality of service begins to fluctuate, our team will know about it and resolve the issue quickly.
Scenarios such as a service being for long periods of time such as out of CPU, RAM or Disk with the client being barely knowing the full extent that their environment is failing are avoided with this methodology
By looking for patterns of activity (or non-activity) our can NOC to take proactive action and ensure performance, reliability and security. This methodology has given our customers seamless service for the past two decades.