RackCorp provides a proprietary and market leading DDoS protection system on our global network.
How does our DDos Protection work?When a DDoS attack begins, it will commonly generate traffic to be concentrated at one destination location from a series of source locations. Through the utilisation of our network, our trend analysis technologies and global footprint, we are able to successfully mitigate effects from DDoS attacks by stopping them at the source!

RackCorp Mitigation Details

  • 600GBit/s Global Traffic Scrubbing Capacity
  • 34 Global POPs in major peering centres
  • 24x7 DDoS Protection Staffed NOC
  • Application Layer Protection
  • Behavioural Analysis blocks unwanted traffic
  • Private Network Access

RackCorp Mitigation Benefit

  • ExpertsRackCorp has been defending complex DDoS attacks since 2006 and has developed a significant in-house knowledge and skill-base
  • QualityGlobal Network with 34 Global POPs with significant IaaS, RackCorp focuses on SLA-driven quality
  • SimplifiedOur cloud protection service reduces implementation time to hours and changes customer-implementation to just a DNS change

Benefits of DDoS Protection

Often businesses will receive a ransom note, with an amount of money specified to stop the DDoS attack
Many attacks are used to distract IT security staff while the attacker pursues their real goal: system penetration
Some Companies have seen their stock price temporarily fall by nearly 50% after news of a successful DDoS attack
A serious security breach can causeyour users to mistrust your online services and this trust can be difficult to rebuild
If an outage is lengthy E-Commerce sites risk losing their ranking or being dropped by the search engines altogether

DDoS Security Options

Connectivity Options
  • Cloud ProxiesSimplest option for HTTP/HTTPS-only traffic. Use your existing IP Networks with our proxies in front.
  • Cloud ConnectEquinix Cloud Exchange, MegaPort, IX Australia and other participating connectivity partners.
  • DC ConnectCross connect into our network if in the same data centre
  • Direct ConnectMPLS or Point-to-Point Private Connectivity
  • Always-OnRackCorp will always filter your traffic 100% of the time.
  • Partial-OnFiltering of only international traffic, domestic traffic goes unfiltered as usual.
  • On-DemandSwitch your traffic path to use RackCorp's network only during an attack as a little as 1 minute.
Cloud Proxy Protection
  • DDoS-protected reverse proxies will accept your traffic, and only pass on HTTP(S) requests that are legitimate to your origin services
  • Static content can be cached globally for application acceleration
  • DNS change typically all that is required
  • TLS-enabled origin services
  • Fastest deployment option
  • Best protection against all kinds of known attack
IP Transit Protection
  • We announce your IP networks as an IP transit provider for your network
  • We detect and filter attack traffic before it reaches you
  • Cannot filter application-layer attacks over HTTPS
  • Easy to turn on/off via BGP adjustment