Host-Based Intrusion Detection System and File Integrity Monitoring
Host-Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)An additonal layer of security monitoring on top of NIDS, HIDS analyses any suspicious activity on the host machine. When the system is alerted, a notification is generated
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)FIM uses a RackCorp software agent to securely check a client's servers for any changes made to system files or windowns registry. Once reviewed, a command needs to be run to accept any changes (Eg: after windows updates or configuration changes) so that the integrity of all files is maintained

NIDS/FIM Features

  • NIDS Analyses suspicious activity on hist machine
  • FIM checks for changes to Windows registry or system files
  • Generates automatic notifications


  • UnmamagedThe unmanaged version simply notifies the client of changes and the client maintains a database matching changes against it's own changelogs
  • ManagedThe managed version enables the RackCorp NOC to investigate and/or process and accept any changes for the client. The team know which system files should or should not be updated, and we maintain a secure checksum database.