NIDS keeps your infrastructure safe unwanted or suspicious traffic
RackCorp’s Network intrusion detection system is an application that ensures all incoming network traffic is monitored and analysed for suspicious patterns including unwanted traffic

The analysis includes checking server logs, and any activity on the server that may be unusual and showing any Anomalies. When the system is alerted, a notification is generated, reported and collected centrally using RackCorp’s security information and event management system

We provide two options for our NIDS system: Unmanaged, where all alerts are directed to the client, and Managed, where our NOC will proactively investigate and take required action against alerts


  • Monitors for suspicious traffic
  • Checks server logs
  • Detacts anomalies
  • Full reporting and event management

NIDS Options

  • UnmanagedAll security alerts are directed to your administrator unfiltrered so you can decide how to respond to the threat
  • ManagedRackCorp's NOC will proactively investigate and take the required action against alerts