In the event you have overwritten your index file or had a malware infection of your website our technical support team are happy to retrieve individual files or even restore whole websites back to their previous state.
define the backup frequency and storage duration ensuring you maintain clear visibility of your monthly backup spend.


One-click Installation

Clients can backup all the data from their devices in the office including desktops, laptops, and on-premise servers through a simple one-click installation of a RackCorp software agent on each device. Once each device has the software agent installed, clients can choose to:
  • Backup selected files and folders only
  • Completely backup all data
  • Set the frequency of backups (e.g.: every 15 minutes;hourly; daily; weekly; or monthly)
  • Set the period of time that each backup should be kept for in secure storage

Fully Managed

The BaaS solution is a fully-managed solution where the client can make any requests to our NOC backup specialist team and we will conduct all backup-related processes, including installing the agent software on client devices, managing the backup schedule and retention periods for different levels of sensitive data, and restoring files and systems when necessary. Our specialist backup staff also work with our NOC alerting center, and will actively and immediately respond to any alerts generated from the NOC and action restorations promptly. The client is also informed of each process at it happens, and receives confirmation once systems have been fully restored

Simple Recovery

If, for any eason, a specific file needs to be recovered, or a whole desktop or server needs to be restored, the simple interface that clients can access allows them to quickly find the file from a previous backup and replace it immediately, or restore the whole system at the click of a button.

Always-ready Cloud Infrastructure

A major advantage in using our BaaS solution with your servers, whether they are on premise or in the datacentre, is that, in the event of a hardware failure in the primary environment where a restore back to the primary equipment is not possible, all BaaS backup zones have always-ready cloud infrastructure on the network and available to act as failover servers to get your services back online through the restoring of backup images in the least amount of time.


The EasyBaaS will encrypt all backup data and transfer it to one of our secure BaaS datacentre zones (your choice of BaaS zones) using your Internet connection. Your backup data is always available for you to access if you need to retrieve or restore immediately.


A RBB (RackCorp-Backup-Box) is added to the client’s network. Backup data passes through the RBB to be managed and then transferred to our secure BaaS datacentre zone via their Internet connection. The RBB allows immediate, restore of files or complete systems over the local network without having to rely on an Internet connection. This is especially useful if the Internet connection is unavailable.


All devices on the client’s premises are backed up directly to the secure BaaS datacentre zone via a dedicated private connection.
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Designed for businesses with between 1 to 5 staff

Configutation: Easy-Baas

Staff: 1 < 5

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Designed for businesses with between 5 to 20 staff.

Configuarion: RBB-Baas

Staff: 5 - 10

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Designed for businesses with staff numbers greater than 20

Configuration: Direac-Baas

Staff: 20+

Backup services are also available as a managed ‘backup as a service’ offering additional advanced features such as further scheduling options: Clients can select to have incremental backups, rolling daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backup schedules
In addition to more comprehensive scheduling options, managed backup offers better performance in the form of De-duplication and compression which reduces backup volumes and increases transfer speeds. RackCorp offers a choice of over two dozen off-site global locations to store your data or backups, offering better speeds and data sovereignty choices
Migration is easy as our software agent can easily transform/transfer your virtual machines to our platform such as from AWS or a VMware hypervisor
You can spin up your backed up server environment in our cloud immediately if your primary datacentre goes offline. This is achieved through an innovative replication and rollback system, which captures each individual disk read and write operation
If needed, a surgical repair can be performed where changes can be rolled back right down to individual writes, which can for instance rollback a crypto locker attack with minimal loss of subsequent legitimate data. Otherwise, a time interval of five minutes is typically used for most deployments. This offers a good balance between managing traffic, resources and data security
For these more advanced versions of our managed backup solutions, we recommend at least two to three distant global data storage locations to mitigate natural disasters, acts of god, political instability and to cater for data sovereignty policies