S3 Storage is RackCorp’s newest storage offering, best suited for cloud providers or websites who need large amounts of scalable, redundant storage on a world-wide scale
RACKCORP S3 CLOUD STORAGE uses an Amazon S3 compatible API as well as an industry proven backend storage engine to provide users with performance, reliability and security, available in multiple data centres across multiple regions worldwide (24 DCs in 20 Cities in 14 Countries as of Q3-2020)
24 Points of Presence
Limited Regional Zones
Worldwide Availability
Access Control
AUser-Controlled Encryption Keys
Upload Acceleration
Tech Support
Our S3 solution is built using our own hardware and software infrastructure, multiple network peering interconnects and is backed by an industry standard brand name storage engine, housed in multiple regions.

Concept of Operation

  • 1.
    End users write/read files to an end-point in our cloud network, which sycronises with other RackCorp storage nodes
  • 2.
    The mirrored file servers provide a start point for backups and staging to longer-term storage

    User demand for files determines whether files reside based on data retention polices

    Popular files remain in hot storage (local fast disk), less accessed files are pushed out to warm storage (remote standard disk) and rarely accessed files such as ‘last years’ data can be archived to cold storage (remote disk or tape)

    This multi-tiered storage model optimises costs and ensures redundancy and protection. Users have full visibility to ALL files. The storage system automatically retrieves desired files from their remote locations
  • 3.
    Storage sites are regionally dispersed within the country to protect against any natural disasters, acts of god or political instability. Within each site and when all the sites are considered together as a network, the storage system provides multiple levels of redundancy

    Multiple copies of the data are stored at multiple sites using multiple systems containing multiple disks. All these components are fully redundant allowing the entirety of the data to be accessed if particular systems or sites are down
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    While technically similar to the other geographical sites and part of the integrated storage network, this site is typically housed out of out of country to provide assurance against any natural disasters, acts of god or political instability in the country of origin. We can offer out of country disaster recovery / cold backup sites in both hemisphere and all continents
Via a two-tier model, the user pays a monthly fee to store data and then only pays when that data is downloaded say through a client or via web serving. No charge for individual file retrievals or GET/PUTs.
Example Spend*
Storage Charge
A$ 0.07
Per Giga Byte Per month *
5 GB stored for 12 months
20 GB downloaded over 12 months
Storage: A$ 4.20
Download: A$ 3.00
Year Total: A$ 7.20
Download Charge
A$ 0.15 Per Giga Byte *
1 TB stored for 12 months
1 TB downloaded over 12 months
Storage: A$ 840
Download: A$ 150
Year Total: A$ 990
* Volume pricing on request. Example Spends are a guide. Uploads are free. 20GB and 1TB over 12 months are examples only. Downloads are charged based on consumption over any period whether it’s over 1 month or even spread equally/unequally over 12 months