RackCorp is able to provide SFTP backed bulk storage in any of our global data centres at a capacity and price that suits you. This includes both Secure FTP being available as an access option on all of our web-hosting plans or we can provide dedicated storage pools with granular settings for sensitive data in the case of dedicated or virtual servers

Our cloud storage options span the entire gamut of customer requirements, from basic bulk storage in a single location, to globally replicated and redundant object storage to a variety of backup products
For those security conscious customers who simply want plain storage and do not need the frills that object storage can provide, we have that covered
For sensitive applications, we can configure stronger authentication such as key-based access to file stores or other supported access controls
If you require giving your users access to download/upload of files, SFTP is an ideal simple solution as SFTP can enable particular users to transfer files without requiring complex SSH access, using existing easy to use FTP client applications that integrate SFTP support
SFTP is widespread, secure, robust and performant. It is the ideal stepping-stone towards more advanced storage systems such as our S3 storage solution