RackCorp's Cloud Compute options mean that clients can create cloud instances with the desired resources and only pay for the amount of time those resources are used. Pricing is calculated in 30-minute blocks, so resources can be used for periods of time from half an hour, to a few hours or even days, weeks, or months. Usage is totally based on your requirements, and when you're finished, simply shut down and terminate the cloud instance and your billing stops.
You also can have access to a range of GPU and SSD options for dedicated compute causes. RackCorp can enter into various pay-as-you-go models to best fit your application's billing model. Contact us to see how we may be able to give you on-demand infrastructure on a billing model that will work for your particular application
With the ability to deploy your application to multiple locations, building your application on RackCorp's cloud platform gives you a globally scalable business model
Work with us to design and build you a custom on-demand platform. Whether it is using lower cost hardware, higher cost hardware, GPU's, low-cost storage, RackCorp is all about working to be an infrastructure provider that will work with your business model. If we can make it work, we will