Creating a Virtual Server through RackCorp’s platform is seamless and instant. Select from any datacentre in our network of 34 datacentres in 29 cities across 16 countries around the world

Almost any type of server can be created as a Virtual Server in our platform with a few easy steps:



a server based on the specification of the resources required (CPU, RAM, Storage, Network etc.)



which operating system to install on the server, either from a list of popular operating systems in our library, or bring your own OS and mount it to the server through the portal and install it



any application software and other software you wish on the server for your desired requirements, either from a list of software from our library or bring your own software and mount it to the server through the portal and install it.


Platform Features

  • >
    Automatically turn/off & restart your Virtual Server with a single click
  • >
    Load an operating system and applications direct from our libraries, or mount and install your own effortlessly within the portal
  • >
    Open a web-based VNC session inside the portal for remote hands access to your server
  • >
    Set and manage backups of your servers including the frequency and retention of all backups
  • >
    Format any server, reinstall or restore from backup immediately through a simple point-andclick process
  • >
    Configure firewall policies with our integrated firewall module for each Virtual Server
  • >
    Add and manage multiple network interfaces per Virtual Server and enable specific VLANs
  • >
    View realtime and historical statistics of your servers including:
  • >
    Set your own monitoring alerts to automatically trigger email or SMS notifications to nominated accounts for the alerts of:

Virtual Server Features



All of our virtual servers come with support as standard. This means that you can place a support ticket with us regarding your virtual server, the platform, or any issues you may have relating to the network or use of the server, and we will answer within 60 minutes at any time of the day or night, in any timezone around the world. If you require even higher priority support with faster responses, we offer a premium support option with 15 minute response, and critical support with 5 minute response.


All virtual servers have several security module options that can be added to the virtual server for additional protection of the server, data, and access. Security modules include:
  • Anti Virus
  • Anti Malware (ransomware
  • exploit)
  • Firewall
  • HIDS (Host Intrusion Detection System)
  • FIM (File Integrity Monitor)
  • Managed O/S updates and patches


All virtual servers are automatically backed up to our backup servers every month. Backups are one of the most important processes, and are often forgotten. We know how important it is, so if you forget, don’t worry, we don’t. We provide complimentary backups each month. For more critical backups, our portal allows you to configure regular rolling backups where you can set the frequency of each backup and the period that each backup should be retained for.

High Availability

For uptime critical services, clients can set virtual servers to be linked in a HA (High-Availability) environment. The portal allows clients to enable HA at the click of a button. The client selects which location the replicated virtual server should be set to, and the primary server then automatically begins to replicate to the secondary location and be prepared for failover to this location at any time of unavailability of the primary server.

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