For a business to remain competitive in the cloud world, they need infrastructure specialists like RackCorp as part of their team. RackCorp are specialists in IT infrastructure and network solutions, and we are structured specifically to work with customers to build and maintain infrastructure solutions that allow them to scale safely, and remain business competitive. We are not about selling expensive hardware or software solutions that do not meet your business models, but we will design a roadmap to sit alongside your business plan that will help you reach the ideal IT infrastructure for the point in time where you are at in your business. This is the great thing about scalable infrastructure with RackCorp
Customers looking to reduce the workload of their IT teams or who simply don't have the resources available can select Rackcorp server management to look after many of the day-to-day mundane tasks which otherwise often never get done at risk to the business. Also, in today's current cyber security landscape it has never been more important to ensure all operating systems on servers are managed and maintained. RackCorp offers Operating System (O/S) server management for all dedicated servers, virtual servers, cloud computing instances, and hybrid configurations

Cloud Environment management is conducted by our experienced technicians and includes:

  • Regular O/S updates and patches
  • Urgent/Immediate vulnerability patching and restorations
  • Security updates and patches for any administrative software
  • Auto NOC alerts
  • SMS Alerts
  • Prompt onsite repair/restoration for critical services