Traditional subscription models for computing resources don't cater for services that to scale-up or scale-out on demand. RackCorp provides extensible services to cater for exactly these scenarios
Why underprovision to save money when you can burst your usage on-demand? With our cloud, it's easy to just pay for what you're using such as CPU cores, GB's of storage, or network traffic.
RackCorp fully controls our environment and are not reliant on third parties so we can tailor our infrastructure to work with the way your business works rather than forcing you to adapt to the cloud
All of our cloud resources are available in all of our global points of presence and we can adapt billing and deployment models to fit with your business and future expansions
RackCorp has many years of experience working with bursty IT services such as online shopping events, brand launches, government portals, and elections. Our infrastructure is designed to scale fast and easily.
Our cloud id global. Need to clone services between countries? Not a problem. Need to share a global quota? Not a problem. Our infrastructure is globally designed and operated, and our billing models fit accordingly