Enterprises running important services through our cloud can benefit from our multi-zone failover network. Primary zone resources are able to be replicated to a secondary zone, and options from manual failover to auto failover can be configured depending on the client's requirements
To ensure network continuity regardless of circumstances affecting a particular connection, and to ensure our clients have continuous connectivity to the network we use a variety of upstream network providers. Not only does this provide multiple levels of Internet redundancy, it also allows us to provide the best routes for our clients' data to traverse, effectively yielding the highest quality of service network
RAID 10 is our standard array option for disks. This provides a high level of hardware redundancy while also facilitating faster storage performance. The resulting environment is one where data is more resilient in various conditions and reads/writes are performed at increased speeds
We offer many options for managed backup depending on the client's requirements. Clients can select to have incremental backups, rolling daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backup schedules to suit various requirements. Backup images are stored in standby environments and are able to be restored immediately
Replicate chosen VMs or recover and individuals files from Production Environment to be stored on alternative environment/DC in real time