Imagine being able to manage your entire cloud environment from one portal, with one simple login, whether it be confined to one Country or spread across 16 Countries and 34 Datacentres. One Stack, RackCorp’s unique to market proprietary platform that is used by some of the world’s largest businesses and Government agencies can do just that
RackCorp provides dedicated and virtual server infrastructure including the server equipment itself, hardware firewalls, switches, routers, and other specialised devices that we manage for clients. We support the physical, virtual, and operating system layers, as well as some common application layers through our One Stack platform
Our easy-to-use one Stack platform RackCorp offers clients access to and management of a Global network of solutions (As pictured above) This platform allows clients to add dedicated servers, cloud instances, web hosting services, or even email accounts, in a seamless manner. A client is able to select the service they wish to add, the location they wish to activate the service, and almost instantaneously the service is provisioned in that location and the access details forwarded to the client. It’s that simple!
Being able to manage an entire cloud ecosystem in multiple locations all over the world via one system has given our clients the ability to be more resourceful and efficient in the management of their IT services and assets which directly leads to increased productivity, performance, and cost effectiveness
The One Stack platform is a fully white-labelled system that can be customised with branding to look like it is the customers own system, including colour schemes and logos. System integrators and their partners can also have completely white-labelled access in a multi-hierarchy layout