As the saying goes “All Cloud are not created Equally” and this has never been more true. There are many factors that can affect how an application functions in a cloud environment from ‘noisy neighbours’, to old equipment and networking and Performance has a direct correlation to price. As an example in the case of one large well known public cloud clients provided with a minimum of 1000 IOPS per VM. If you want more performance you have to pay substantially more. In comparison at RackCorp we offer a minimum 10,000 IOPS per VM
At RackCorp we insist that all new potential clients and partners benchmark us against our competitors. We do this by providing trial servers on request. Some of the other factors that affect performance and ensure RackCorp’s Secure cloud is the most performant cloud in the World are as follows
We use the Intel’s 2nd Gen Xeon “Cascade Lake” latest-generation processors for cloud-optimised environments.

Our cloud server clusters are built with these processors to ensure client virtual machines provide the best performance, efficiency, and optimisation available for the workloads required
Providing higher levels of performance, reliability, and endurance, the Intel Enterprise SSD drives are our choice for cloud server environments. With a range of high speed reads or writes, or both, we can ensure that your environment is functioning the way you desire
We use multi-10GE ports on all virtual server hosts to provide high performance networking to all cloud servers when they need it. Dedicated server customers can typically choose between 1Gbit and 10Gbit networking with faster on request
As a Dell direct partner, we are continually expanding our cloud environment with the latest Gen 14 server architecture from Dell, utilising Intel’s 2nd gen Xeon Scalable Processor technology with the current generation of servers, we provide more robust, more powerful, more efficient, and more productive cloud computing resources